Acidblood is not some drug or some lame band name. Yes, it is an IRC robot. I know there are probably tons of them out there, too bad. I wanted to write my own that I knew had no backdoors and would be easy to setup and fast. I initially wrote one in Perl, but that eventually turned out to be pretty slow. I wrote a second version in C, but I never had time to fix it and it core dumped a lot. I rewrote this version in C again, but it doesn't core dump, has reliable network code, and has all relevant data structures in memory to keep it from hitting the disk. I got the inspiration for the name from a cool Corrosion of Conformity song off of their second album.

For more information, help or suggestions email them to : info [at] acidblood [dot] com


12-08-09 Lastest release is 1.2.21
03-27-08 1.2.20 released
08-27-08 1.2.19 released
03-14-07 1.2.18 released
03-09-07 New website location here at acidblood.com. Please update your bookmarks.
10-27-05 1.2.16 released
09-12-05 1.2.15 released
01-28-03 1.2.14 released
06-07-02 1.2.13 released
04-01-02 New website!
01-09-02 1.2.12 released


Operating Systems:
Linux - Tested with Ubuntu 8.04 LTS
Darwin OSX - Tested with XCode 3.1 on Leopard
(If you have compiled Acidblood on another platform, please email us)

IRC Networks & Servers:
Conference Room


Download the latest from Acidblood.com here

Browse all builds at Acidblood.com here

Download the latest from SourceForge: here


SourceForge Summary Page

SourceForge CVS

SourceForge Mailing List


Version 1.2

1) Read the README file
2) Read the Makefile and make any last minute changes
3) Run make
4) Run make install
5) Modify the conf/acidblood.conf file
6) Modify the conf/acidblood.users file
7) cd into the bin directory and run acidblood


Version 1.2

User database with authentication based on nick, ip and access level
User requestable operator status
User customizable
Undetectable, the bot only gives messages (i.e. "talks" ) to those in its user database
Kick requests from users in channel
Dynamically change channels
NO backdoors (read source code if you dont believe us)
Runs in more than one channel at once


Bryan Schwab : bryan [at] darkice [dot] com
Gerhard Mack : gmack [at] innerfire [dot] net


Special Thanks!

The following people have helped make Acidblood a better bot:

Michael Smith - Testing, feature ideas, hosting space
Alexander Baxevanis - Alerting us to the ConferenceRoom problem
David Grant - Network patches
Favio Rene - NickServ help and testing
Michel Vaillancourt - Mode suggestion

Many others for support and feature requests, thanks!

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